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At GPD, Inc, we firmly believe that constant development of new associations can be the ladder to many mutually beneficial opportunities.

There is a great demand for quality pharmaceuticals, medical products and supplies due to medical human necessities.

Our company welcomes trading partners who are licensed and can provide us with products and supplies that are of top quality at competitive prices.

GPD. will gladly review your offers and catalogs. Should your products be of our interest one of our Purchasing Agents will contact you to further discuss future business possibilities.

Opportunities, collaboration, marketing, sales and business development with GPD ,Inc

We are always open to new ideas and welcome them full heartedly.

For Manufacturers:

If you are interested in promoting your products within the International market place, please contact us. We offer registration in key markets, promotion, sales and marketing. Also, special marketing campaigns in print and or the internet. If you have a special product or products that you want to get noticed on the internet, let us know, we can provide this service (either through co-marketing or stand alone marketing).

For other wholesalers and distributors:

We invite you to contact us with the products and services you have to offer. We can feature and offer your products or services on our web site and through our business.

For individuals:

GPD is looking for sales representatives (outside the U.S. only), we offer a very competitive commission pay structure. Please contact us for more details.